Teacher Interview Report



     On April 11th, 2008, I got up early in the morning to meet my interviewee, Miss Wu, an English teacher in Bai Ling Senior High School. Since this was my first time to meet Miss Wu, I felt a little bit nervous to interview her.

     Actually, I encountered some difficulties in finding the interviewee until the appearance of Miss Wu. It was my friend, a special education teacher in Bai Ling, that introduced Miss Wu to me. Thanks to my friend, the intermediate, and Miss Wu’s help, I finished my teacher interview report eventually. I felt I was lucky to be acquainted with them.



    Miss Wu was graduated from Department of Business Administration in National Chung Kung University. Graduated from NCKU, she worked in the business administration field for several years.

     After being married, she decided to switch her career into education field. Therefore, she started to study Teaching Education Program in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. During this period, she obtained teacher’ specialty on both business and English field.

     When finishing the Teaching Education Program, she became a student teacher in Shilin High School. After that, she taught in Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, and then transferred into Bai Ling Senior High School teaching in the Junior Department. So far, she has taught for almost six years.


Teaching Barrier

     Being enthusiastic about education, Miss Wu always exerted herself to teaching. Sometimes, however, she felt disappointed at the education policy. “I am astonished at some policies of education.” she said.

     She mentioned that contrary to the competence-based class grouping before, the normal class grouping policy had brought about polarization in a class. “Due to the normal class grouping, there are dozens of students with totally different levels in one class. It becomes a teaching barrier for a teacher.” She emphasized, “I think polarization is the most significant problem I confront on teaching.”


Teaching Support

    Trough our conversation, it seemed me that Miss Wu had a great passion for education, especially for the interaction with students. “The big support on my teaching career comes from the progress of students.” she said.

     “I treat my students as my kids and I always mature with them. I mean, trough accompanying and encouraging them, it is comforting for me to see these kids get better day in and day out. I also learn a lot in the process of interacting with them, as if I read hundreds and thousands of books. Their maturity motivates me to teach with great passion.” she said.


Career Cycle and Professional Development

     When it came to the teaching career cycle and professional development, Miss Wu made a point of doing it. In fact, she taught business in Shilin High School and Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, while she teaches English in Bai Ling Senior High School now.

     As an English teacher, Miss Wu made a lot of efforts to improve both English and teaching abilities. She said that she cultivated her professional development in her daily life. That was to say, she took the advantage of opportunity to learn. For example, she often participated in English teacher seminars such as Caves English teaching seminar to communicate with other English teachers.

     “Only by keeping learning can you enhance your teaching.” she said.



     This was an unforgettable interview experience for me. Miss Wu was a nice teacher. She looked younger than her age, so I was surprised to learn that she had been married and had a kid. Because of having been married, she gave up her original work in order to be a teacher. Fortunately, she achieved her goal eventually. I admire her for her courage and persistence.

     From Miss Wu, I learned not only the spirit of persistence but also the passion for education. She always dealt with her students with patience and enthusiasm. The thing impressed me most was her comparison of maturing with students to reading hundred volumes of books. I completely agreed with her. In my opinion, the essence of being a teacher is growing up together with students. Without doubt,

teaching is not an easy job; it requires a lot of efforts and patience. However, when it comes to students’ great progress, it is worthwhile.

      On the other hand, Miss Wu shared her thought about the difference between teaching senior high school students and junior high school students. She said that senior high school students are more mature and they need deep knowledge acquisition. Thus, a teacher has to make more efforts on professional improvement and instructional design. Unlike those in senior high school, junior high school students are in the orientation stage. A teacher has to focus on establishing their academic foundation and personality development. The most important is that a teacher should apply his/her lesson plan to the development of students rather than teach in the same conservative way.


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